If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.
Ara and Yoonjo are.leaving Hello Venus. Please let me die in peace. I don’t want this. Ugh. My poor godesses.
"Oh ok so your favorite song is fjsbfbdkbfb, got it!"
— Rap Monster after asking the crowd what their favorite song was. (Stockholm BTS, showcase RWeL8? Tour)
RWeL8? Showcase - BTS (Bangtan Boys) 290714 Stockholm, Sweden

So. I’m honestly speechless. I’m in the car. It just started raining outside, thunderbolts are here as well. A bad but incredibly beautiful ending to this day, even though I still have two more hours until I reach my destination.

One hour ago Bangtan Boys, yes, BTS left the stage while runing around making heartshapes with their arms.

I woke up early today to go to Norrköping to visit the Harry Potter exhibition. Even though I love Harry Potter to death my mind was set on something else. Maybe on the band whose songs were replaying in my headphones all the way up in the car. When the clock was 4:46 PM we jumped in the car. My dad was going to drive me and my sister to Stockholm. I already knew then that I was going to be en the end of the line, but I honestly didn’t care. I was going to see them live, well and alive. And that was good enough for me.

During the three hour drive I wrote seven different letters, all signed by the weird kid, the swedish A.R.M.Y were I told them how they changed me and my way of seeing opportunities and life. They don’t know who I am and they’ll never know, but I quote; I’ll support you until the day I leave everything I love behind or until the day were BTS becomes seven pieces instead of one. Around 8:24 PM the queue started moving. I was in the end of the line, there were 600+ people in front of me but I was still happy. I was going to see them live, well and alive. We arrived in a rather small venue, it was crowed, stuffy, hot, dark but it was filled with excitement. Just after five minutes sweat was runing down my back. Thirty minutes before they were going to enter the stage ~1000 A.R.M.Y’s were chanting BTS until the point were their lungs hurt.

RWeL8? Playlist 1. We Are Bulletproof pt.2 & No More Dream 2. N.O 3. Q&A, Freestyle rap with three lucky fans & Quiz about Stockholm. 4. Just One Day, I Like It, The Rise Of Bangtan, Jump & Boy In Luv

I don’t remember much at the moment. I’m still in shock. During the quiz about Stockholm all the members had atleast one point except Rapmon who had none. He wasn’t the first one to call his name when the question about which food from Sweden that was most well known was asked but the other members allowed I’m to answer anyway. I don’t think any of us expected him to scream; MEATBALLS BABY! but it surely made us laugh. Jungkook ended up wining and the prize was to drag a piece of paper from a box and read the number out loud. One lucky girl ended up on stage in front of him. She was really beautiful and I haven’t seen anyone that happy for a long time. He sang to her and handed her a bouquet of red roses.

It is a really powerful feeling standig exactly in the middle of a hot, dark venue, screamig and chanting until your lungs are out of air. Singing along to every part you know - especially the English ones. Waving your hands in the air, jumping, smiling - laughing. ~1000 A.R.M.Y’s seemed to shock the seven members with their overflowing love and energy. We even made them speechless.

Right before they were going to perform Jump and Boy In Luv it looked like the whole concert had ended. Everyone started chanting BTS! BTS! BTS! while stomping their feet on the ground. Then they came out and everything exploded. Cheers, screams and JUMP.

I’ll not go into detail how every member was, I’m just too tired but they were all flawless live, their dance, their voices and their personalities while chatting with us, they were all simply perfect. And they look a hundred times better in real life. Especially my beautiful Taehyung. His voice away. Thank you for making my first ever KPOP concert so incredibly awesome and perfect - so special. Thank you.

I just saw one of my favorite groups live. There is still one hour until I reach my destination but now I’ll just lean back and remember, And never forget one of the best days of my life.

introducing: red velvet

Thank you~

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes! I’ll answer you all privately and to all anons; thank you so much sweeties~

Red Velvet: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy

I’m dying. Wendy, please, omg, my goddess. Debut already.

00:00 July 27th 2014

2NE1’s “Ugly” is playing in my earphones and I’ve officially turned 17 years old - even though I’ve been saying that I’m 17 since January it’s finally true. Whoo! I’ve survived life for 17 years, and the best birthday present ever (from myself) - I’m going to see f-ing Bangtan Boys live in two days. The beautiful mighty Taehyung, I’m waiting for your smile.

13/120 taeyeon’s stealing my heart

13/120 taeyeon’s stealing my heart